Original Artwork

Mixed media: sunscreen and my brother.

Sand sculpture on Coney Island. About seven feet in size.

Another image-editing job. A badly focused poor-light situation transformed into a powerful, moody presence. Taken in Nova Scotia.

Inspired by sculptures I saw on a beach some years ago, I stood these stones up in a line along a ridge while in Visby, Sweden. I didn't have a camera with me that day, so took the picture the next day, after many of the stones had fallen.

My first exercise in image editing. Lightning from one photo merged with the background of another. Both in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

Sand sculpture plus image-editing. Sculpture was done at Jones Beach with friends Misook, Young Nim and Sang Min.

Costume for Halloween 2000.

Another sand sculpture at Jones beach, this one created with friends Misook and Laura. Misook and I are pictured above. Click here for a picture of Laura.

A friend told me of someone who claimed that this chant would make any wish come true. I just merged that idea with the old joke...

So many people don't get it. Read the sign; "chuck" is short for "charlie".

Self portrait as i walked over a subway grille. The moving shadows were compelling, the still photo doesn't do it justice!


The following are photoshop experiments. Gotta love them filters!

Cathy in the subway

Crowd watching performers in Montego Bay (MoBay), Jamaica. Came out like a batik!

Mosaic girl on train.